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Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 3

Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 3

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Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 3 by Mia Secret is a unique professional-grade product that offers you a blend of 3 different flakes—Metallic, Mirror, and Holographic—all in one container. This innovative blend is ideal for acrylic nails with 3-dimensional designs for a spectacular look.

  • FLAKE-25
  • FLAKE-26
  • FLAKE-27
  • FLAKE-28
  • FLAKE-29
  • FLAKE-30
  • FLAKE-31
  • FLAKE-32
  • FLAKE-33
  • FLAKE-34
  • FLAKE-35
  • FLAKE-36
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