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Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 1

Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 1

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Mix Flakes MIX-FLAKES 1 by Mia Secret offers a unique and beautiful way to decorate nails. Featuring an intricate mix of colors, these flakes allow you to add a touch of elegance to any manicure. Rich with reflective properties, they ensure a mesmerizing effect for each application.

  • FLAKE-1
  • FLAKE-2
  • FLAKE-3
  • FLAKE-4
  • FLAKE-5
  • FLAKE-6
  • FLAKE-7
  • FLAKE-8
  • FLAKE-9
  • FLAKE-10
  • FLAKE-11
  • FLAKE-12
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